Rev. James DaCosta Rouse

Rev. James DaCosta Rouse accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior as a young man and began preaching the Word of God as a young man in Barbados. He was a radical voice in his generation with an evangelical anointing that ushered in a youth movement. He was a vibrant radio minister and a Evangelist with the National Young People's Association while ministering across the United States and the Caribbean.He pursued his education in theology and attained his Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s Degree in Theology at Columbus Bible School, Ohio and shortly thereafter, he became the District Superintendent of the Christian Mission of Panama. As Pastor Rouse embraced his purpose and destiny, God ushered him into a season of pasturing for over 40 years. He has birth spiritual sons and daughters in the ministry and everyone under his ministry has been truly blessed. He has led a holy and righteous life before the Lord and the congregation with continuous fasting and prayer.

With his great wisdom and encouraging words, Pastor Rouse has touched the lives of every person that has been put into his path. He has shown a special love for the youth throughout his ministry and continues to push them into pursing excellence. Christ Community Church acknowledges Pastor Rouse for his many years of serving the ministry as the Senior Pastor and the Kingdom of God without waiver.

He is a Pastor, Mentor, Teacher, Evangelist, and Father. The wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the things of God is uncomparable. He is still a prophetic and anointed voice in this generation. 

Bridgette Taylor
Senior Pastor

Pastor Bridgette Taylor is a servant of God called to the body of Christ to fulfill the sacred mandate that he has placed on her life to be a unique voice and change agent in the kingdom of God.  She accepted the Lord as her personal savior at 17 and instantly exhibited that she was a natural born leader with a sincere heart for the people of God. At the tender age of 23, Pastor Taylor was left to raise her two younger sisters after the passing of their mother. Her leadership training was forged in great loss with tremendous responsibility but was necessary for the purpose and call on her life. During that time, she was being prepared and empowered by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the will of God by molding and cultivating her to have a shepherd's heart to lead a Joshua generation. For over 20 years Pastor Taylor has been placed in leadership roles as a dynamic youth leader at Christ Community Church of Harlem under the leadership of Pastor James D. Rouse and Associate Pastor at Faith in Action Deliverance Ministries for several years under the leadership of Apostle V. Wallace. Over the years she has helped guide and propel many to walk into their God given purpose and has been a voice of inspiration and hope to the brokenhearted and lost. The call was undeniable and confirmed by many prolific men and women of God that have identified the prophetic anointing and gift on her life. 

In her years of service, she has always desired to care for the people of God and to fulfill the command of Christ to feed his sheep wholeheartedly declared in John 21:15-17. After seeking and obeying the voice of God, Pastor Taylor accepted in late 2012 to return to Christ Community Church of Harlem to fulfill her purpose and take up the mantle leadership. As the Senior Pastor, God has called her to serve his people by being an example in the Kingdom as his anointed chosen vessel, to bring deliverance, reconciliation, healing, restoration and transformation. She is appointed, validated and sealed by the Holy Spirit to bring forth his word. To provide spiritual food for God’s people to nourish and care for their souls, bringing them into the fullness of spiritual maturity. She is a dedicated and faithful servant that seeks only to lift up the name of Jesus and to lead a Christ-Centered life and ministry.


Pastor Bridgette Taylor has been married for over 12 years to Pastor Latroy Taylor who stands with her in partnership to lead and nurture God's people. They have two beautiful children Alana and Latroy Jr. 

Latroy Taylor
Associate Pastor

Latroy Taylor is an ordained Pastor by the grace of God called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. When the voice of God spoke to his heart in 2004, he realized that he was a chosen vessel that had a purpose and a destiny. Shortly thereafter he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and decided to walk in the will of God. He became a member of Faith in Action Deliverance Ministries, Inc. where he served as a faithful member on several auxiliaries. His leadership ability was evident when he was appointed to be the President of the Men’s Ministry within a few years. During that time God was molding and shaping Pastor Taylor to be an example to others through the spirit of servant leadership and prayer. He exhibited humility, strength, wisdom, transparency and love through the power of the Holy Spirit. He has a heart to see the people of God delivered and transformed by the revealed word of God.


By the leading of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Taylor transitioned to Christ Community Church of Harlem in late 2012 to fulfill the will and plan of God. He stands in unity and partnership with his wife and Senior Pastor, Bridgette Taylor to carry out God’s vision for the community by preaching the unadulterated Gospel beyond the church walls. A dynamic and anointed vessel, Pastor Taylor has boldly embraced his assignment in the earth to proclaim the word of God in Spirit and in Truth.  

Pastor Latroy Taylor is happily married for over 12 years to Pastor Bridgette Taylor, and has been blessed with two beautiful children Alana and Latroy Jr.


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