A group of believers led by Dr. John Robinson founded Christ Community Church of Harlem in the year of 1932. He was succeeded by the late Dr. Violinist, a great pioneer worker for The Lord. Among those influenced greatly by Dr. Violinest, was our late Pastor, Linnette Chambers Williamson. She became the Assistant Pastor to Dr. Violinest in 1952. After his death in 1962, she was appointed as the Pastor of Christ Community Church. Pastor Williamson, by God's appointment was the right person in the right place, at the right time. She initiated and supervised various community projects such as: head start, summer youth programs, a free lunch program and a shelter for men. Perhaps her finest, most monumental achievement was the establishment of the New York Council of smaller Churches, a council of local ministries and lay persons that was dedicated to make a difference in the community. Under her leadership, the council of smaller churches put into operation, an Alcohol and Drug free program. She served as their Director up to the time of her passing on July 25th 1990. She saw to it that in her community and church, the gospel was constantly preached, and almighty God glorified. Many souls were saved because of her tireless efforts.

After her passing, Pastor Morgan consented to assist the ministry as the Acting Pastor until The Lord provided a permanent Pastor. As a prominent educator, Pastor Morgan brought a rich background to the ministry. He was a great leader that accepted and resolved the many challenges that the ministry had faced. He was a wonderful vessel of God and through his powerful teaching and wisdom, many lives were touched.

Under his leadership Pastor Morgan successfully renovated the building in 1993. We bless God for all of the faithful members that assisted Pastor Morgan in the renovations as well as financial support. After the completion of the renovation of the church; The Lord led him to seek the advice of the Trustee board to ask Pastor James Rouse if he would consider pastoring Christ Community Church. After seeking The Lord, Pastor Rouse and his lovely wife, Leticia Rouse accepted the call and was voted in unanimously by the Board. The installation service was held on September 26, 1993 and the ministry has been truly blessed ever since under their leadership. 

Pastor Rouse holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s Degree in Theology and has served in the kingdom in many different positions and capacities. During his leadership at Christ Community Church, Pastor Rouse have led a holy and righteous life before the Lord and the congregation and has led a life of fasting and prayer. With his great wisdom and encouraging words, Pastor Rouse has touched the lives of every person that has been put into his path. He has shown a special love for the young people in the ministry and continues to push them into pursing excellence. He also believes in true fellowship, and has opened the pulpit to a variety of anointed men and women of God. First Lady Rouse has been extremely instrumental in assisting Pastor Rouse in whatever capacity she was called upon to serve. She worked tirelessly with the young people, coordinated annual events as well as spearhead community evangelism outreach initiatives. Their love for God and his people is evident, they have been truly a blessing to the ministry and words can never express their endless contributions. Christ Community Church acknowledges Pastor Rouse & First Lady for their 20 years of service in the ministry and the Kingdom of God without waiver.

After seeking the Lord, Pastor Rouse notified the ministry that he will be stepping down as the Senior Pastor to ordain by God’s instruction Pastor Bridgette Taylor as the successor of the Ministry. Pastor Taylor was obedient to the call and the will of God. Both Pastor Bridgette Taylor and her husband Pastor LaTroy Taylor were installed on March 3, 2013.

Since the installment of Pastors Bridgette and Latroy Taylor, they have sought the Lord concerning the direction of His ministry and have revised the vision and mission statements by the sanction of the Holy Spirit. The word of the Lord clearly encourages writing the vision and making it plain, for truly a church without a vision will surely perish. Pastors Bridgette and Latroy Taylor did just that, and they hit the ground running by implementation new projects and ministry initiatives. The vision is driven by empowering the total man and meeting the needs of the Community. With the leading of the Lord, Pastors Bridgette and Latroy Taylor embarked upon a total renovation project that included the rotunda area (bathrooms, dining area, the baptism pool and the administration office) and the sanctuary (extension of pulpit, new fixtures, carpet, chairs and paint). This awe inspiring vision touched the hearts of members in which they were lead to fully fund the renovation projects. Renovations began in November 2013 and were completed in May 2014. Six months of fervent prayer and tireless work by the workers and members of the ministry has produced the beautification that is before your eyes this evening. To God be all the Glory, Great and mighty things he will continue to do in our midst.


We bless God that in less than one year, Christ Community was able to successfully complete the renovations. While the building was under physical renovations, the ministry was also ushered into a new dimension of spiritual enrichment, impartation and edification through Bible Study and Prayer Meeting. Pastors Bridgette and Latroy Taylor have ministered to the heart, mind and spirit with thought provoking sermons and life changing revelation. They are humble willing vessels that teach the practical application of God’s word without compromise. They believe that Prayer is the bedrock of ministry and they rely on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. It will be prayer that will continue to cover future ministry goals and direct the leadership of this Christ Community Church of Harlem.